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NEEFT Cornelis Willem

Photo de profil NEEFT Cornelis

Professeur invité

CReA-PATRIMOINE - Centre de Recherches en Archéologie et Patrimoine
Université libre de Bruxelles • CP 133/01, avenue F.D. Roosevelt, 50, B-1050 Bruxelles


Présentation des recherches

Specializing in Corinthian pottery, the most appreciated and wide-spread fine table- ware of the archaic period, roughly 750-500 B.C., in the Mediterranean, my work follows a binary track to pursue its aim of developing it into a reliable tool for dating. Firstly, while fashions of pot shapes, elements of decorations, and iconography all are relevant here, insight into the development a painter’s style has undergone is the most rewarding path to this goal. To this aim, I have amassed an enormous amount of data in the form of photographs and descriptions, materialized in a database now contain-ing over 65.000 records, to be made available to a wider public in the near future. Having recognized more than 700 different hands, new material is still helping me to solve and refine the problems. It leads to publications of material as the second track.

Current publication projects

  1.   Corinthian pottery from a deposit at the Demeter sanctuary at Piazza S. Francesco in Catania
  2.   Corinthian pottery from graves 1-1791 of P. Pelagatti’s excavations in the Rifriscolaro necropolis at Camarina
  3.   Corinthian pottery from Enzo Lippolis’ excavations at Saturo (Apulia).
  4.   Corinthian drinking-vessels, closed vessels, and Protocorinthian pottery from Dieter Ohly’s excavations in the Aphaia sanctuary at Aegina.
  5.   Corinthian pottery from the excavations of Nicolas Sigalas† in the Aphrodite sanctuary at Thera (Sellada).
  6.   Corinthian pottery from the German excavations in the Hera sanctuary at Samos in cooperation with Wolf-Dieter Niemeyer (Athene) and Jan-Marc Henke.
  7.   Corinthian pottery from Clemente Marconi excavations at Temple R at Selinus. 
  8.   Corinthian from Volkmar von Graeve’s excavations at Kalabaktepe and the Aphrodite sanctuary at Zeytintepe.
  9.   Bouthrotos, the Pottery, in cooperation with Roald F. Doctor (Gent).
  10.   Corinthian pottery from the excavations at Istria (Rumania).
  11.   Corinthian pottery from the excavations of Paul Courbin† at Ras-el-Bassit (Syria), in cooperation with Jacques Perreault (Montreal).
  12.   Corinthian pottery from the excavations of François Salviat† and Jean-Jacques Maffre (Sorbonne) in the Artemis sanctuary at Thasos.
  13.   Corinthian Black-Figured Pottery. Study of the Painters of Corinthian Pottery.

Travaux sélectionnés

  • C.W. Neeft, ‘The KP-64 Workshop in Taranto’, in G. Andreassi-A. Cocchiaro-A. Dell’Aglio (eds.), Vetustis Novitatem dare. Temi di antichità e archeologia in ricordo di Grazia Angela Maruggi, Taranto, 2013, 559-56    
  • C.W. Neeft, ‘In_aetate_ferrea_nunc_vivimus. The Case of the Royal Library Painter’, in P. Valavanis-E. Manakidou, Essays on Greek Pottery and Iconography in Honour of Professor Michalis Tiverios, Saloniki, 2015, 125-137 
  • Cornelis W. Neeft, ‘The Dating of the Closure of the Bothros at the Zeytintepe’, in J.M. Hencke, Die Zyprische Terrakotten, Milesische Forschungen 5, 2017, 53-55  
  • Kees Neeft, ‘The Sphinx Painter and his Workshop’ in V. Vlachou-A. Gadolou, ΤΕΡΨΙΣ, Studies in Meditteranean Archaelogy in Honour of Nota Kourou, Études d'archéologie 10, Brussels 2017, 75-89
  • Kees Neeft, ‘Itinerant Craftsmen: Two Corinthians at Taranto’ in V. Bellelli – A.M. Nagyi, Superis deorum gratus et imis. Papers in memory of János György Szilágyi, Mediterranea XV, 2018, 47-58
  • Kees Neeft, The Corinthian Pottery from Argilos, 2019, 146 pp.

in print:

  • Kees Neeft, Catania, Deposito del Santuario di Demetra a Catania, vol. 1.2, I vasi corinzi di olii e unguenti, Catania, in cooperation with Rosa Maria Marino, Simona La Spina, Valeria Figuera, and Lorenza Grasso 
  • Kees Neeft, ‘Thesmophoreia in Greek Colonies: their Locations and Dates’ in Collana in onore di Enzo Lippolis
  • Kees Neeft, ‘The Enna Painter. Observations on Corinthian Imports in Thesmophoreia’, E. de Miro (ed.), Collana in onore di Giovanni Rizza, Sicilia Antiqua
  • Kees Neeft, ‘The Corinthian Pyxides’, in P. Orlandini-M. Albertocchi-M. Pizzo, Gela (Bitalemi). Il santuario di Demetra Thesmophoros. Prima fase di frequentazione
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