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The Belgian School at Athens and the BCAOG/CBRAG

Publié le 5 novembre 2022 Mis à jour le 19 juin 2023

The 12th Day on Belgian Archaeological Research in the Ancient Greek World

This year’s edition is dedicated to Jan Driessen for his retirement as director of the Belgian School of Archaeology at Athens
Wednesday 30 November 2022 | 10.45 – 16.40
Musées royaux d’Art et d’Histoire
Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis
Lecture Room: Grand Auditorium


10.45-11.00 Welcome by Bruno Verbergt (General Director a.i. MRAH/KMKG)
 and opening remarks by Roald DOCTER (UGENT/President of the BCAOG/CBRAG)

11.00-11.25 Tina Kalantzopoulou (EBSA)
House Society on the Mountains? A long-due response to Jan Driessen and his ‘Oikos’ theory from the uplands of East Crete

11.25-11.50 Maud Devolder (UGENT)
Masons’ marks and the proliferation of the Minoan palatial architectural style in the Aegean and Cyprus

11.50-12.05 Coffee

12.05-12.30 Sylviane Déderix (French School at Athens), Anthi Balitsari (UCLouvain/Aegis), Aspasia Efstathiou (American School of Classical Studies at Athens), Polina Kapsali (University of Cambridge), Margarita Nazou (National Hellenic Research Foundation), Robert Laffineur (ULiège)
Thorikos: An assessment after four summers on the Velatouri hilltop

12.30-12.55 Polte De Weirdt (VUB), Jan Coenaerts (VUB), Karin Nys (VUB), Ralf Vandam (VUB)
Living Apart Together – a diachronic spatial analysis on the hinterland of Hala Sultan Tekke, Cyprus

12.55-13.20 Julien Dechevez (ULiège)
The Sale of Priesthoods in Ancient Greece: the example of Miletus

13.20 -14.20 Lunch

14.20-14.45 Quentin Letesson (UCLouvain)
Excavations at Sissi: The Prepalatial Village

14.45-15.10 Alexandros Laftsidis (ULB)
Logos Sympotikos: Transformations of the Sympotic Kit in Hellenistic Macedonia

15.10-15.25 Coffee

15.25-15.50 Jean Vanden Broeck-Parant (ULB)
Building and Rebuilding the Stoa of Attalos in Athens: labour, material supply and costs, 21 centuries apart

15.50-16.15 Patrick Monsieur (KMKG/UGENT)
Stamped Rhodian wine amphoras in the necropolis of Mleiha (Emirates), ca. 225-100 BC.

16.15-16.40 Vassia Dimitrakopoulou (NKUA & KMKG/ULB)
Terracotta statues from the Athenian Agora.

16.40 closure

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